Bretonnians and Kennedy’s Nids


So I found a good deal on the Wargames Factory Saxons and Vikings and bought a bunch of them.  I just don’t like the Bretonnian minis from GW.  Given that I want to run horde Bretts, this seems to be a good way to start.

Here’s the 2250 list I’ve been kicking around.

2 units of 11 Knights

1 unit of 12 Knights

5 x 30 Men at arms

Prophetess (level 4) w/ dispel scroll

Paladin with BSB and virtue of Empathy

2x Paladins to hang out with the knights

So the mini here is the first of my foot guys.  I actually have the entire unit of 30 almost done (just need to hit them with the anti-shine)  One thing I don’t like about the minis is the heads….  the ALL needed to be trimmed to fit the body… which was sort of a pain in the backside.  But no worries.

On another note, Kennedy came over the other night and we hit his nids with the airbrush to do the base coating…  Then since I had agreed to do the airbrushing for a coke and to have him let me paint one of the bugs…  I painted this guy up and hit him with the strong tone dip….

The top actually came out a bit nicer than I was able to capture here.  Also, I really dig the way the orange ties in from the gun and the little thingys on his legs..   Best part is that you’re really only laying down the Bleached bone on the carapace, orange on the gun and legs and then white on teeth… so should be easy enough to knock out production line style… which was a concern.


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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