It’s about time….

Finally got my Pike and Shotte guys from England…  While it truly sucks that I’ve had to wait over a month to get them…  I’ve already attacked the box and have been putting them together all night…

So here’s what I’m looking at for 2250

  • Prince Rupert of the Rhine (AKA General of the Empire) – on a horse with Sword of Sigismund (+1 str and ASF)
  • Wizard Lord – Level 4 upgrade
  • Captain of the Empire w/ Full Plate and Battle Standard
  • 28 Pikemen (Full Command) with Standard of Arcane Warding (Magic Resistance 2) – The BSB and Wizzard will go here.
  • 30 Pikemen (Full Command)
  • 5 x 10 Handgunners – Marksmen have Hochland Long Rifles
  • 2 x 8 Outriders – Champions have Hochlands
  • 3 Mortars
  • 3 Cannon

For 2500 I just add in a unit of 20 Greatswords – I have a really cool unit of Highland Clansmen to stand in for them… so I kind of want to run them at some point…

Baisc idea is for the Outriders to roll up and be really annoying…  The Hochlands to snipe out wizards and such.. and then to have two big units of spear and lots of shooting to deal with the rest.

In other news… I got three games with Wes on Thursday…  I took a “sub optimal” list that had Marneus Calgar, 7 Grey Knights, a Libby and a Land Raider (ie, a super rock) and then supported by two Dakka Preds, 2 TL Las Dreads, 1 Rifleman Dread, two full tac squads in Razorbacks with TL Las and last but not least, Tellion a ML and snipers…

I was going to play this list vs Justin… but there was a guy there with Dwarfs… so I called Justin and he brought his Ogres instead so the other guy could get a game.  I believe Justin won… which is good cause his Ogres have gotten very little love – though they have had moments of pure heroism…

So first game, I played against his jump list…  He deployed them in full squads and was a bit too aggressive in their placement (which destroyed one and put the other one on the far board edge)  So I was able to tie up a squad with tacs, then turn and start eliminating the left over through combined fire.  Won on turn 5 (though it was pretty close… and I think another turn would have changed the tide for him)

Second game was against his Razorback oriented codex list – which is pretty optimized except for the Vindicator…  He made the mistake of going head to head with me when he had better range.  Also, there was a road on the table that let me make a first turn Raider rush and get a multiple assault on his tanks…  We called it after my first turn of shooting and his 2nd turn assault on Marneus and friends (all died cept the Lord of Mcragge)  — After the game he realized he had forgotten to deploy his Riflemen…  I’m not sure if it really would have made a difference though…  My first turn of shooting was better than average and most of his tanks were smoking…

Third game I took his jumpers and he took my list…  I won it, but it was pretty difficult…  It seems that you need to be willing to sacrifice as a BA player…  those 5 man squads will get shot to hell… FNP or not…  but for the 2-3 left over, having the ability to shift next turn and throw melta and a Thunder Hammer at idle tanks if pretty much priceless.  I picked up yet another box of jumpers at the store (at some point I’ll have enough to run a full jump list… but I’m not quite there yet…)

So all in all, a good night of gaming…


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