Busy Weekend


So this weekend started with a package from Warlord Games.  And I spent most of the weekend putting the army together. 

5 units of gunners, 2 big blocks of infantry, 3 Mortars, 3 Cannon…  By Sunday my brain was addled by Super Glue and everything was put together and primed.

Sunday I started on the artillery and finished up by Monday.

I figured I could go back later and paint the add on crewmen… but for now, this will get me started…  I patterned the mortar and cannons off of the examples in the WFB Empire Army book… It IS fantasy after all…  Also, you’ll notice in most of the army, where things are metal, they’re painted metal.  However, it was pretty common to blacken armor during the period to keep off the rust…  but I don’t think it would look as good on the table top.

Monday, I started these guys….

This is the first rank of one of my blocks of infantry.  I really suck at freehand, so I used the Templar cross from the Space Marine Vehicle Sprue and the VIII….  For some reason, I’ve been having trouble with transfers recently… I think I’m just being too impatient to get the transfer on…  They’re getting this crinkle that looks like dried mud… but I was able to fix it by adding a bit more gloss and gently smoothing it out… but I was pretty sure it was going to end with me needing to strip the transfer and repaint the banner (so I guess I got lucky)

Front and center is the Preacher I plan to use as a counts-as Wizzard..  Thought he turned out alright… though I’m not sure about the grey…  Also, I’m questioning my color choice on the banner guy… he sort of looks like a pirate.. but he’ll do.

Tonight I knocked out 6 pikemen… My initial plan to pattern them off of the Trained Bands of London but that didn’t work out like I wanted to… there just wasn’t enough definition between the model’s arm and chest do do the different colors well.  I’ll have pics up tomorrow after I base them.


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