Adepta Sororitas

So, my Sister-in-Law gave me a late X-Mas present of an gift card.  So I ordered two of the Sister’s box sets today.  (The old one that came with 10 in the box vs the new 3 random bits from GW)  Also, needed to order some slotted bases for my two squads of Kasrkin troops that will be going into the brake fluid this evening (along with my runied Carnisaur) to get the old primer and other gunk off.  So I picked up a few more flamer chicks and a techpriest (cause I think he looks cooler than a techmarine….)

I like the models and I think they’d be fun to paint.  Unfortunatly, I can’t really see much in the way of good in a pure Sisters list.  Outside of taking a bunch of Immolators…. the Codex appears to be very limited in terms of it’s threat output.

 On the other hand, I think they could add some flavor into some of my pre-existing lists.  For about 185 points I can take a 10 girl squad with flamers and a Sister Superior in a Rhino with PMSB – I really like the ForgeWorld heavy bolter bits I modded for my rhinos… we can’t make all our choices for efficiency right 🙂  In the list below, I have just one squad, but I can see running them in twos… especially when I pair them with Marines…  Basic tactic would be to use them as tac marines with rending weapons (thanks to faith)  They look like complete rubbish in close combat, but I think I’ll live. 

For example, here’s a list I put together last night when I couldn’t sleep…. 

2K IG with Adepta Sororitas support

  • Command Squad w/ Autocannon – Chimera
  • Vet Squad with Chimera and Autocannon
  • 3 Melta Vet squads in Chmeras
  • 2 Vendettas with a full compliment of Stormtroopers with 2x meltaguns)
  • 2 x 2 Hydra Flak Tanks
  • 2 Armoured Autocannon Sentinels
  • 1 Full squad of sisters in a Rhino with Sister Superior

It’s a little light on the shooting that I normally put into a list… but I think it would do very well vs the lists I tend to encounter at my FLGS.  In truth, I have yet to not obliterate my local opponents with my stock IG list (Same as above but without the stormtroopers and sisters – add a Russ and a couple of Medusas)  I’m betting I could be really annoying with the stormtroopers and sisters…

Also, realize that the intent here is not to build the best lists…  For wolves and what not, I think I’m about as optimized as you’re gonna get….  Unfortuantly, I’m normally not playing against that sort of list… so it seems unsporting to bring a Beat-Your-Face-In list all the time.  And while I’ve had some fun playing the 3x whirlwind list… it’s only so much fun…


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