So thanks to Kennedy I’ve picked up the models for the Bayou Gremlins.  All of them.  I also really like the Seamus (mad hatter) models and might pick them up later… 

Game looks cool and I like the idea of the no dice thing… 

Also, the backstories I’ve read so far are entertaining.  Pigapult FTW

But mostly, I’m really looking forward to painting these guys.  So far, the sculpts are really top notch.  Though they are just as pricy as GW minis (you just don’t need as many)  I picked up ALL of the gremlins, the source books, and a fate deck for just under $200…

Also, I’m not doing my standard 40K bases on these guys… I’m going to learn how to do a better base…. with sticks and swamp grass and stuff 🙂

More to come…


About clt40k

This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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