Slow week…

So only a couple to show this week… 

Ms. Ortega –

Next is the first of about 20+ Stormtroopers that I’m working on for my guard army…  Since the list I’m running at 2K has been really nasty and not a whole lot of fun for the Thursday night games at my FLGS, the thought is to dump two squads of stormtroopers in and make the guard list a bit more close and shoot…  at least that’s the thought…



9 thoughts on “Slow week…

  1. Are you gonna be running the Ortegas now too? If so, that’s a lot of people at the store with them. And… not to be a downer or anything, but I know that several people have mentioned that they do not find the Ortegas fun to play against. Just an FYI.

    Of course, your Perdita looks very nice. Better than anyone else’s down at the store. Also, I like the Stormtrooper. It’s very classic IG colors, and it reminds me of why I liked those models until I found out they were metal 😉

  2. Actually, I got them because they were oposites of Ophelia’s gang… What makes the Ortegas less than fun? Did I just buy the longfangs of Malifaux? They were described to me like this “Ophelia is a lot of guns but not as good a shots… the Ortegas are less shots but better at it”

    Also, Malifaux is less like 40K in the sense that you can have multiple factions… Assuming I continue to enjoy the game, I’ll prob get into the neverborn too… I really like a lot of the models.

    I’m lovin on the stormtrooper… I was really happy with how he came out… And I think they’ll go a long way towards toning down the IG list.

  3. Heh. I actually have heard the Ortegas described as the Longfang spam of Malifaux. Of course, I’m not sure that it’s really true, but I know that they are a very frustrating faction to go up against for new players. One of the two current Ortegas players at our club gave a demo game to a newbie and damn near broke his spirit. Perdita’s Fast + Companion (Family) + the general range of the models + automatic critical hits gives you the ability to Alpha Strike and wipe out important models early. Which, if you’re new to the game, sucks so hard you can hardly imagine. Since a lot of factions are melee oriented, the level of power that the Ortegas can put out early from range becomes very much a problem. Much like playing my Tyranids against your Space Wolves, the player on the receiving end doesn’t really get to actually play.

    Now, that said, proper terrain placement and play can alleviate it to a degree. For instance, I played against Wes’ Ortegas on Sunday. Wes beat the living shit out of poor Josh before we played. And neither one of them were really messing up or playing badly. Terrain placement and force match ups were bad. I made sure we had enough terrain and tried to play smart (playing a force I’d never used before, mind you). I decimated Wes. I lost maybe one model and wiped his guys off the field.

    So, I guess the moral of the story is that the Ortegas are not unbeatable. Just, looking at the game from the point of view of all the people who have just bought in and are trying to learn, going up against the Ortegas is akin to Longfang spam. After people get a little more experience, they will be less daunting. I’m just trying to warn you about possible reactions to this specific group at this time 😉

    Also, the “Fuck, I can get like 4-5 factions for less than half of a 40k army?” feeling is really cool. I hope you continue to enjoy the game, as I think it is something really special. Plus, I need to make sure I continue to have opponents 😉

    Damn, that was a long reply, wasn’t it?

  4. One of the two current Ortegas players at our club gave a demo game to a newbie and damn near broke his spirit

    Yup, I played that game too and got tabled…

  5. I’ll hold off on them and just focus on Ophelia for now then….

    Thursday, I’d like to get a game with you… A teaching game though where we talk through each move and the implications of the actions… I think that will help me get it… Also, I’ll need to bail early since I’m out of town this weekend and need to spend some time with the wife… so if I get out around 7:30-ish I can still be the good husband. (Also, Ed’s gonna give me a ton of Neverborn to paint up for him)

  6. I’ll be more than glad to go through a real teaching game with you on Thursday. I remembered watching you guys play and thinking “What the hell? Where’s the terrain?” Malifaux, much like 40k really swings on having the right amount of terrain. I think the person that we’re talking about needs to not be doing demo games or teaching games anymore 😉 He’s not a bad guy, but, seriously… He acts just as badly as I did during that one game we played…

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