Ed’s Malifaux

Painted these up for Ed up at the shop…  Having fun but I think the “incestuous madness” is the lamest model ever.  I’m saving that for last.

Here’s what the painting table looks like right now…

Lots of Malifaux….  There’s about 25 IG Stormtroopers in the bullpen….

Here’s Teddy

And some daydreams



About clt40k

This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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3 Responses to Ed’s Malifaux

  1. Justin Kates says:

    I still haven’t painted a damned thing. : /

  2. kennedy says:

    I do wish the Insidious Madness model was a little cooler, but… well. Whatever. Most of the models are pretty good, so I can live with one model that I’m just kinda “meh” about.

  3. Ed Brunck says:

    Teddy the new Cookie Monster n the next Teddy is going to be Oscar i hope

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