Just some random Malifaux thoughts….

So the past few weeks have been insanly busy.  Between getting ready for our week long vacation in the US Virgin Islands (St Croix), trying to make sure work was covered while I was out, and taking a couple of social rides on the Motorcycle with the guys… there just hasn’t been a ton of time to go around…  hobby has suffered….

St Croix was just about awesome.  It was the first real grown up vacation the wife and I had been on since our honeymoon.  (grown up in the sense that it was just her and I) – all in all I ended up being only $10 over budget…  so that was cool and we didn’t skimp on stuff so I guess I should get a thumbs up for planning-foo.  But it was full speed the whole way.  I took yesterday off and just chilled at home to recover…

But now I’m back to “the world” and I’ve got to start putting some priority on stuff…  Big one right now is to knock out the Malifaux models I’m painting for my buddy Ed…  they’re all the Nightmare stuff and lots of fun to paint… I’ve got maybe 6-7 to paint up…  After that, I’ve got about 25 Cadian Stormtroopers to knock out….  I’m looking at ways to take my IG list and make it more friendly to local play…..  But first, I need to paint the troops (most of the vehicles are painted…. but very few troops)

Been having fun with Malifaux too… regardless of what Kennedy says 🙂  I think he’s right about the Gremlins… they really do play just like I wished the orks would play in 40K….  I’m pretty sure I’ve got the models to run Summertooth effectively…  so that’s also on the drawing board….. and also the Japaneese themed master… Kirai (?) –  So far, Malifaux has been more about the painting for me than the acual game.  I’ve enjoyed them… and the little green guys have some awesome rules (like Deliverance – which causes you to be terrifying… how cool is that?)

Thinking about Kings of War… but I haven’t heard much about the system….  I’ve been really down on WFB lately…  Partially because I have not lost a game yet with the Lizardmen… and the games keep boiling down to “My Caster trashes your caster then I walk over you…”  I’m OK with Magic being powerful… but I don’t think it’s expensive enough.  Also, the spells that can wipe out HUGE chunks of your force are kind of not fun to have on the board….  either with or against you… I think it makes the game too one sided…  Playing Empire was the same…  I nuke your caster with my wizard or take a beating every round till I can cc your wizard to death… it’s just bleh…  

Anybody know anything about KoW?



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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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One Response to Just some random Malifaux thoughts….

  1. Justin Kates says:

    If the KoW Abyssal Dwarfs were plastic I would jump on that shit.

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