Destroyed – Hobby List of Fail…

So last night I played a complete hobby list.  Off the top of my head it was:

  • Dante with 9 Assault Marines (Melta and dual LCs on the sgt)
  • 10 Assault Marines with TH and 2 Melta
  • 2 Battle Sisters Squads in a Rhino and Sister Superior upgrade
  • 3 Typhoons with MM
  • 3 Dakka Preds
  • Land Raider with 5 Assualt Marines

First game was vs Wes who had put together an equally silly list with Lysander and Pedro.  The game itself was fun… but it was not what I’d call “competative” —  But there were some really cool moments…  Like when my Sister’s squad crushed Pedro and his Vanguard vets with fire.  Or when I had 4 termies fail a 3+ (actually that kind of sucked)

Second game with vs Brian’s Orks…  he’s actually running a pretty good Ork list (cans, Battlewaggon with Big Meck and Nobs, Lootas, etc…)  Or at least as good as it gets for the green machine…  I pretty much got owned in that one too…  However Dante did A LOT of damage to Brian’s Orcs. (wiped out a squad of Lootas, and ork boy mob and two vehicles)

The termies were underwhelming and my poor sisters got shot to hell.  Then assaulted by three cans and some Deff Koptas…  But they lasted something like 4 rounds of assualts before finally dying.  My other SoB squad got shot to pieces then assualted by Ork Boyz… 

In looking at the list, I kind of doubt I’ll be taking anything quite that gimped in the future.  Or at least it won’t be a hybrid Blood Angels list.  For some reason, I ALWAYS lose when I tke BA over other codex choices…  That being said, Ido like the idea of playing games with more “fun stuff” thown in….  As long as you get some of the cool moments during the acutal game.

In other news, I bought the Kings of War starter set yesterday.  I should be delivered soon….  I’ve read over thier ruleset and I think I’ll like it more than WFB. 

Problem with WFB is that you really can make the game come down to “my magic is better than yours” —  It just makes for a less than challenging game for the guy with the good caster.   I think it’s because my expectation of the game is to have massive armies crash into eachother and what I get instead is seeing effects of magic wiping out my troops instead.  So as a result, the game becomes one of “Kill the other guy’s Wizard and then mop up” — the big spells like dwellers, pit of shades, and Purple Sun all just have too much potential to COMPLETELY swing the battle… so you start off with the strategy of wack the other caster then you can make his guys eat Dwellers instead… 

On the other hand, Kings of War has really limited magic, so I’m looking forward to that.  Also, they put thier army lists out as a pdf… so you can be assured of having more up-to-date stuff.  Another thing I like about them is that because the individual models are not really wound counters, you have more.  So far, I’ve only seen thier undead models… which are pretty cool…  My only real complaint is that their shields are kind of lame (ie, oddly shaped)  Otherwise thier range looks really cool…  we’ll see when I get the boxed set.

And for Justin – the KoW abyssal dwarves are a mix of plastic and metal.. Ie, a basic dwarf sprue with metal spikey bits for customization.




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2 Responses to Destroyed – Hobby List of Fail…

  1. kennedy says:

    I’m looking forward to trying out Kings of War. Maybe it’ll give me something other than Malifaux to actually enjoy playing. Thus, I call dibs on the first game of KoW with you 😉

  2. Justin Kates says:

    I shall have to look into those then! I could rock some Abysall Dwarf action.

    And I have already started painting my Prussian Empire fleet.

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