Hobby Week

So this week was pretty busy for me hobby wise…

First off, Ed’s Malifaux figures are almost done..  *BTW Ed, you can pick them up at the store… they’re in the glass case in front of the counter* I still have a Teddy model and an insidious maddness model to get done…  But most of the work is done.

Also, picked up the starter box for Kings of War…   The undead models are REALLY cool….  But the dwarves kind of suck…  I just don’t like the models very much.  They look too generic and without much character.  If I decide to do the Dwarves, I’ll use the LoTR models… they just look cooler…. 

Here’s a pic of some of the skellies…..


Also, I’ve gotten a new wrist brace, so the other hobby can be fulfilled…. 

So, if you’ve ever seen the guys who go and and do civil war reenactments, I do something similar except with the middle ages and full contact.  The group is called The Society for Creative Anacronism (SCA) and is probably the most established reenactment group of it’s type in the states. 

This week I picked up a couple of new basket hilts and some rattan for making swords.  Need to pick up an 18″ buckler (from I33 manuscript – 13th century German) and that’s about it.

Really excited because my wrist has not let me fight for the past few years…  hopefully I won’t have gone from hero to zero 🙂


Also, Justin has conned me into getting into Dystopian Wars.  I’ve picked the Empire of the Blazing Sun to go vs his Prussians.  From what I’ve seen of the game it looks like it will be a HUGE bunch of fun…   Here’s some pics of my first two painted ships.


So that’s it for the week… enjoy the gaming…


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