2K Eldar list

So in looking for something new to play, I’ve been thinking about the Eldar.   Like most folks, playing marine vs marine is fun, but it would be nice to have a bit more variety.  My Imperial Guard really isn’t that much fun to play against (ie, it’s a lot of me shooting – and while it’s fun vs a really optimized list… it’s just not that much fun to play for fun games)  And for really “competitive” games I tend to roll with my spacewolves.

I’ve played against the all mech eldar list and I just don’t think they’re worth it for the points cost (ie, a gazillion-ish points for an overpriced wave serpent seems too steep to really be effective, especially when you add in the min troops you have to take.)  Caveat = Having a dozen grav tanks on the field is really cool… but I feel like they need more inside in order to really be effective (which is about 300 points for fully kitted out Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent – which is just too many points)

So I looked at the Footdar lists out there and I just don’t like the Avatar and the Wraiths combo…  which seem to be the major lynchpin of those sort of lists…   Mostly it’s cause I really don’t like the Avatar model…  not even the forgeworld one.

So in looking that the tools available I’m thinking the best I can really do is to try to minimize the overall cost for each unit and maximize the damage output.

  • Farseer (Singing Spear, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Guide/Doom) – 138 points
  • 3 x Guardians (Scatter Laser HW platform) – 95 points each
  • 3 x 3 War Walker Squadrons – Dual Scatter Lasers – 60 points each
  • 3 x 2 Vyper Squadrons – Scatter Laser + Shuriken Cannons – 70 points each
  • 3 x 5 Fire Dragons – Wave Serpants with Shuriken Cannons and TL scatter lasers – 205 points each

So, looking at the negatives….

  1. Eldar shooting really sucks.  Pretty much BS 3 across the board except for the Fire Dragons.  Which is really kind of crap for a race with super reflexes… but whatever.
  2. Not a lot of resiliency in my vehicles…  Armor 10 pretty much all around with the wave serpents only marginally better at 12’s. 
  3. Lack of High strength and low AP stuff… I’d have to rely on torrent of fire.
  4. No close combat element (though it’s not really a big deal in more shooty oriented list… but at least Marines are WS 4 and T4….  But I just couldn’t find a cc element that would work cheaply or effectively (ie, could go toe to toe with other “real” cc options)

Positives –

  • Decent number of shots from each unit.  The guardians are a little lame… but otherwise not too bad.  Walkers will kick out 24 each turn, Vipers 14, serpents 7…  All told, just shy of 150 str 6 shots each turn and 15 melta
  • Unit saturation – No real point sinks…  Given that a 5 man razorback squad is 165 most of my stuff isn’t too far off the MSU mark.
  • Metagame – with the need to include torrent of fire as a way to deal with Grey Knights, the list might work since I shouldn’t be too outclassed in terms of shooting…  but even then, for most games I play, it’s not really necessary to bring your best tourney list.  Most of our games are what I’d call “mildly competitive” – Ie, you can’t get by on complete crap…. but we’re not bringing fully optimized lists either…
  • It’s something new.

I think a lot will ride on deployment (as always) and who goes first…  a decent shooty list could really hurt me turn one… but that’s pretty much the case when you play MSU…


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3 Responses to 2K Eldar list

  1. Hey clt40K this is Ed, do you have the Insidious Madness card? I didn’t get it with the others. I made sure before I left I had everything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eldar vs. Tau???

    just say the word….


  3. I (finally) got around to a reply mate – sorry for the delay. Will publish in a few hours, queued up and all. 🙂

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