First of the Eldar done….

So here’s the War Walker I’ve been working on…

Couple of new things to stretch my painting….

Decided to go with an “urban” basing scheme for the army.  In the past, I’ve just done the flock-after-painting thing…  This time, I’ve put the base down first and did a drybrush (Black base, scorched brown, Graveyard earth, codex grey, fortress grey)

Color scheme was picked to be “pretty” — though deep down inside I kind of want to paint everyone green… but that’s just me. 

First time messing with the cockpit screen…  they suck…  But if you use the blue masking tape and cut it with the hobby knife so that you’re covering the screen… they’re not nearly as hard to paint as I had thought….  Pro tip there….

Hope you like it….


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