Ultramarines test models



So, like lots of folks, the very first army I was exposed to was the Ultramarines.  My friend Tom, who got me into the game in the first place, had really well painted Ultras and I’ve always wanted to do an Ultramarines army….  So in looking for something to break up the painting on the Tallarns I’ve decided to do Ultras for a bit.. (I’ve painted about 40 troopers already and I needed a break)  Also, I’m looking to use FW vehicles for the list to make them look a bit different from what I normally see on the tabletop (extra armor kit for the preds, the new dread’s, cool FW rhino doors…. etc…)


Here’s the first attempt…..


Couple of things I’m doing a bit different….
1.  I’m using the Navy Blue primer from Army Painter….  Apparently the internet doesn’t know what color matches it….  so I had to do some experimentation… and came up with a really close match in the Reaper Master Paints – Sapphire Blue.
2.  Using the dark tone shade on them….  I really like the way the shade gives marines a sort of cartoon-ish look…  but it’s new….
3.  Going back once I’ve put the final dullcoat on the model and hitting the black joints with P3’s armor wash… the intent is to break up the model a bit so it’s not so overwhelmingly blue…. the thought is that by having the bit of shiny metallic black it will give the model a bit more depth… 
4.  Attempted a leg reposition on the Sgt….  I think it looks pretty bad-ass… I was kind of nervous…


Also, had a breakdown in my transfers-foo – Normally, I get it in one… but I started getting some crackle on my transfer after I dropped it (too much in the base) so I ended up having the scrape the shoulder pads and re-apply… second time appears to be the charm…  Also, hitting it with the anti-shine spray seemed to calm it down…


At any rate… enjoy…


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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One Response to Ultramarines test models

  1. Ron says:

    Nice work on these guys.
    I’m working on some Ultramarines myself and I like what you’ve done here. I’ll be sculpting my shoulderpads since I’m a little hesitant to try decals myself.

    Ron, From the Warp

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