Command Rhino / Razorback done

Here we go…..  When planning out my Ultramarines force, I knew I wanted to get some Forgeworld Stuff (especially the Ultramarines decals) and the Foregeworld razorbacks look really cool IMO – also, they’re only a few bucks more than a standard Razorback… so I got them all at once and it let me get the free shipping on the order.

Couple of things different here from what I’ve done in the past…

  • Using the Army Painter spray on vehicles…  In the past, I’ve hit them with chaos black then took an airbrush to them…
  • I painted the tracks and the tank separately…  Since rhino tracks are about the easiest to get right, it really saved a lot of time.
  • Used a really simple drybrush weathering approach… it’s just a bit of graveyard earth…. but I think it came out well.
  • Went over the chipping with a graphite pencil…  Then went over all of the edges with the pencil…  it doesn’t show well in the pics, but it give the tank a softer look.

Also, I had to deal with some anti-shine varnish weirdness….  I think I need to go back to running the dehumidifier for an hour or so in my painting space before I start… there were some places where the model got some weird texturing… 

Also, I was pretty happy how the eagle on the rhino top hatch came out….   I was pretty sure I’d have to dig into the bits box and make another when I started… but I think turned out fairly well.

At any rate, on to the pics….


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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