Chimera and CCS done

So these guys sucked to paint.  I got the minis for $1 each and they were covered in primer.  They had a 6 day soak in break fluid and still had primer on that I couldn’t remove.    So there are a lot of details that got lost….  Bleh….

So in painting them I really tried to grunge it up a bit in order to hide their ugly bits…  They will be my stand ins for a CCS and I like them alright…  But at somepoint I might have to buy a box from GW and actually do them right….


One thought on “Chimera and CCS done

  1. Chris,
    Looks good man. Hopefully I can get up there in enough time to get a few shots at them on thursday. Are you still interested in parting with some of your guard stuff?? I would like to talk to you about it.

    See you at the HQ,


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