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WW2 – Kampfgruppe Normandy

So the die is cast….

For the past few weeks I’ve been researching gaming systems for WW2 tabletop combat and it came down to Flames of War and Kampfgruppe Normandy by Warhammer Historicals.  I have to say I was a bit put off by the prices from FoW – and it’s a hard sell to the local group for just that reason.  Also, nobody wants to paint 15mm.  KG Normandy uses 1/72 scale minis which are CHEAP (compared to FoW or anything from the GW line) and fairly easy to get.

Last week one of the local guys brought his 28mm WW2 stuff up to the FLGS and I got a chance to look through the KGN ruleset and some really well done figs.  Also, just about every single Internet post I’ve read about the new ruleset suggests a balanced and fun game.

So, I’ve ordered the ruleset from Warhammer Historicals and I’ve ordered some test models to see how they paint up.  The rules were fairly expensive – about on par with buying the hard bound 40K rules…  but it has everything.

Looks like Michigan Toy Soldier Co will be the way to go for purchasing the models.  I would like to go through our FLGS, but I don’t think he has any sort of relationships with any suppliers that would let him piecemeal order stuff…  The plan is to start with a small British vs. German force in order to get folks into the game.  From there I’m sure I’ll expand.

We’ve been looking for a “not 40K” game for a while.  WHFB didn’t really do it (I blame magic)  Dystopian Wars is cool, but doesn’t really capture my imagination.  Same with Malifaux (though my swamp gremlins were a lot of fun to paint)  Hopefully KGN will open up some new avenues.

A place to game

So in the past I’ve had two 4×3 pieces of wood that I’d but together…  Thanks to the Father In Law I now have a really cool table that sits on top of my existing “church table”

It has rails on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on the church table and has a lip around the top to keep dice and whatnot from rolling off…