Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

20mm test models

So in preparation for KG Normandy I picked up some Russian models to confirm that I don’t mind painting in this scale.

Here’s the results…..

I’m so used to 40K painting where everything is picked out… it actually hurt me not to paint the straps and rivets on this guy….   But it took the Army Painter dip well and I think with a little weathering powder it will be good.

Here’s the 1/72 tank compared to a FoW tank….  I feel like the size will be just about right for painting….  I just don’t get the same “I’m painting a tank” feeling at 1:100 scale.

And here are some of the Russians…..  Space Marine is, unfortunately, not available in their Force Org chart….

At first I was a little bummed at how these guys turned out….  but given how small they are, I think the learning curve will be pretty steep…

Couple of things:

1.  I think the bendy plastic that you get from Revell is sort of crap…  Thankfully, there are a number of alternatives that come in hard plastic.  I’ve ordered some from The Plastic Soldier company and will be trying them out shortly.

2.  When I realize that they only come up to the Sgt’s waist… I don’t feel too bad about the lack of detail painting.

3.  Tried a new way to base them…  Using plaster instead of drybrushed sand…  Overall I really like it, though instead of painting it going forward, I’ll use the Woodland Scenics Earth Undertone to ease the pain of trying to drybrush the stuff…