5150 Star Army BatRep

So tonight I ran an experiment using the 5150 solo rules with my 40K miniatures.  I think that with some tweaks this could be a lot of fun…..

For the Scenario, I decided to put both side’s investment at a 3.  (Investment tells us how important the mission is to either side, you have to pass a roll of 3 or less to bring in reinforcements and reveal enemy forces)

To start with we have my marine patrol.  Ie, one tactical squad with a razorback in support.  The squad was divided into two combat squads (each with a special weapon)  Giving them some heavy support was one of the Chapter’s razorbacks.  For rep they were set at 4/5.  Both teams rolled and got a 4 rep and the Razorback had a 5.


Their opposition would be drawn from the following…

IMG_27426 member Tau pathfinder Cadre with a rail gun in support and/or and XV-9 Battlesuit.  However, I treated the battlesuit like a dreadnought and gave it two Str 8 and AP 1 shots from the fusion cascade.  When rolling for what reinforcements would appear, 1-2 was the squad, 3-4 was the suit, and 5-6 would get both.



Turn 1 – the Tau didn’t roll enough to move any of their IMG_2754PEF (Possible Enemy Forces) so it was a Space Marine advance.  Turn two saw the Marines go first and they advanced into contact with the first PEF.  Since this was First Contact with the Tau, I rolled to see how good their Intel was.  Unfortunately for the Marines I rolled poorly and they had bad intel.  The result of this roll was to double the number of PEFs on the table (so 3 went to 6)

No worries though right… it’s just Tau and the Space Marines are really tough to take down.  And with each team having a special weapon and the twin linked support of the razorback I wasn’t too worried.



First contact was a full squad of Pathfinders with XV-9 Support.  I decided that when the PEF was revealed to have both types, I would treat them as separate units for the rest of the game.

The Marines unloaded on them with massed bolter fire and dropped 3 Tau right off the bat.  However, they passed their reaction test and were able to return fire.  They only managed to hurt 1 Marine and the Marines passed their reaction test with no issues.





Then the Razorback rolled forward to put fire into the Tau XV-9.   They hit and scored an Immobilized result.  The Marine squad on the right advanced to the window to put fire onto the Tau Pathfinders.  I used the 5150 rule that said 2 models could fire through a door or window and the both failed to cause any casualties on the Tau







Here’s where things started to turn bad for the Emperor’s Chosen.  The immobile XV-9 wrecked the Razorback.









Another PEF made contact with the Marines and was revealed to be an XV-9 suit.  It opened fire and took out the Marine support weapon.  Without a support weapon and out of charge distance, the Marines fell back.








Another squad and 2 reinforced squads are revealed as more PEF’s are revealed and pass reinforcement checks.










They make short work of the Marine Patrol.






At this point, the Tau have the day and the remaining 3 Marines fall back through some cover to live to and fight another day.




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