Started work on the Boxer Rebellion Project….

Last month, I went to Historicon in VA and Old Glory had a great sale running on 15mm Boxer Rebellion terrain and I kind of when “all in”

First up – a pair of USMC China Marines c. 1900.  The uniform was taken from an illustration in “Leatherneck” from the 50s.  I decided to go with white for the cartridge belts to make them “pop” a little more.


So below I’m messing around with table design.  I taped some brown paper onto the board and I’ll sketch out how the terrain should fall.  I think I’m going to use my road technique to make the “not grass” parts.  Here’s a Link to where I did this for my european roads.  The funny part is that I have a LOT more terrain to drop onto the table too (like, all of the foreign legations)  — I don’t really think I’ll end up doing a downtown scene… the boulevards were really wide from the pics I’ve seen once you get into the back alleys it would be almost unplayable.  I think I’m going to do a large village thing instead.  This will give me some green space and let me pepper it with trees.

Here are some of my inspiration pics for what I’m thinking it will turn out like.


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